How were the supercontinents formed?

Is there any evidence or signs that can prove or back up the Growing Earth Theory?

Why did the supercontinents form?



Growing Earth Theory


How many supercontinents have there been in earths history?

How many times have the supercontinents seperated and broke up?

What evidence is there of a Growing Earth?

What is the Growing Earth theory?

What could cause the earth to grow as mentioned in the Growing Earth theory?


Growing Earth theory

Is the earth growing? Has the earth shown signs of growing in the past? If it has grown then it could also contract.

Is this the explanation for the 5 or 6 supercontinents that the Earth has had?

No supercontintents cycle, no Vaalbara, Kenorland (proto continent Cratons Baltica, Laurentia, Australia, Kalahari - supercontinents Columbia Rodinia, Pangaea (split to create north and south supercontinents Gondwana and Laurasia).

These supercontinents may have come together and seperated but not due to the funny idea of plate tectonics and even sillier subduction but due to a Growing Earth and a contracting earth.

Is it a Growing Earth theory or is it actually a Growing earth?

Is there any evidence for the Growing Earth Theory? Mid Ocean Ridges and Sea Floor Spreading are evidence backing up and supporting the Growing Earth theory.

What evidence or facts are there for the idea of the Growing Earth theory?

The breakup and formation of 5 or 6 supercontinents (super continent cycle) would also seem to be evidence of a Growing Earth and backs up the Growing Earth theory.

Growing Earth theory and the Electric Universe

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